Monday, December 15, 2008

And My Drooping Thoughts...

I mean eyelids.

Tonight I unwind from a thousand bits of knowledge thrust upon my brain too hard and fast to make any sense of the details. Mindrape, we call it. I call it.
No worries, I'll remember little of this is a week and will only be forced to relive it briefly during bored exams next year. From there on in its clear sailing, a lot of cranial, and the ever avoiding of contaminated needle sticks.
As of tonight, medical school has shoved its throbbing member so far up my pineal body ( that day is night and night is unimaginative. That said, Facebook is always interesting.
Flipping through photos of friends, I watched one sell his soul to the US army, another reproduce - the not-so-sexy part of the process - and still others enjoying this extended adolescence we call higher education. Twenty pounds, a spouse and a breast-pump seems to be the rule of thumb for many of these go-getters - flaunting their fertility in the face of their contemporaries. They mock those doomed to Ecstasy cocktails with Jagermeister chasers, constantly at risk of a GI eruption ruining their YesAd threads, or a flunitrazepam disaster. These folks are on facebook too. WAY more interesting than Junior.
I wish I had somewhere to go with this. A witty punchline or thoughtful segway would have been nice. But, as my brain is filled with so much anatomy, histology, physio and the rest, I've got nothing. Seriously. Today I argued for a solid ten minutes about the placement of an alligator clip on a 92 year old (dead) woman's clitoris! I mean, what the hell. It's like god tees these gems up for me and I can't even take the swing. (If nothing else, I did have a small victory when I called the female prepuce the "hoodie of the clitoris" on this week's practical exam.)
So, that's all. Facebook is funny sometimes. Sometimes. Usually it's just a colossal timesuck. And WordScraper.
For now, sorry for the edit-free quickie. In the future I promise to think about tweaking my posts before publishing them.
I'm going to bed.

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